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Come and Play Kids Nerf Games
At Skirmish Dorset
In Our Outdoor Nerf Arena!

We offer the Nerf wars games at our purpose built outdoor Nerf arena, dodging over, under and around obstacles as you take down your opponents. Children aged 4 and upwards can join our crack team of Nerf warriors in our specially designed arena, complete with obstacles and target practice wall. The game?

To hide, aim and shoot your way to victory. We run open sessions every weekend and located just 20 minutes from Bournemouth in 800 acres of prime woodland.

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Play Nerf Games Today

We take your satisfaction very seriously: therefore, we only offer the best Nerf Games experience. With guaranteed top of the line equipment, there is no reason not to come explore our unique set-up for the best Nerf Wars area in the south. From taking down enemies from within the sniper nests and from behind various bunkers, to building your own bunker-base and pulling together as a team to ascertain victory, Archers Arena offers an intricate, immersive take on Nerfing.


What People Say

“Dear R.S.Airsoft team, thank you so much for a super fun day. My son and his friends really enjoyed his birthday present and the play you guys offered. I will totally recommend you to my friends. You guys rock! I cannot wait for the next event. I thank you with all my heart.”

Frankie Horton

Frankie Horton

“A few weeks ago we’ve spent a day full of fun at your arena and I just want to say that we really appreciate the organized and enjoyable corporate party you threw for us. We all totally are coming again. Thanks again and we all look forward to working with these guys in the future”.

Nicholas Small

Nicholas Small

“Such an awesome day it was! Totally impressed with the friendly and knowledgeable staff at this club. Our instructor spent tons of time with my son and we left feeling good about how we spent the day. Then I brought my friends here the next week and we had a lot of fun, too!”

Natalie Schmidt

Natalie Schmidt


We look forward to hearing from you. Come and play today!